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Every public transportation provider should be protected in case of an accident so they can continue to provide their services to people in need.

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We provide customers the finest commercial insurance service available at a competitive price.

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We deliver excellent customer service at competitive prices in as many states as possible.

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The Top 20 Most Popular Fleet Management Software

The Top 20 Most Popular Fleet Management Software

Buying fleet management software takes work, but that work follows some familiar patterns. If you know how to shop smart for other products, the following helpful questions will make buying fleet management software easier than you thought.
Virginia Operator Achieves His American Dream

Virginia Operator Achieves His American Dream

Running a successful fleet comes with many challenges. Owners must consider the size, nature, and demand of their markets through thoughtful research. Once in operation, we also recommend expanding slowly and adapting to demand carefully in order to ensure the most successful and profitable business.
How To Be A Great Insured ... And Why It Matters To You!

How To Be A Great Insured ... And Why It Matters To You!

As a professional driver your commercial auto insurance costs are a sizeable expense in your business alongside gas, vehicle maintenance, licenses, and credit card fees.  Whether you purchase your commercial insurance at Amalgamated or at another carrier, there are a handful of basic risk attributes that insurers use to assess what type of prospective risk you pose as a driver and therefore what is an adequate rate to quote you.


Great Company to work with! Everyone is super nice & polite. They bend over backwards to make you happy & keep you that way! Kudos to Amalgamated Insurance Co & their employees for going above & beyond!

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