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Why should you update your information in your current policy?

Update your information on your insurance policy

Benefits of updating your policy information

In the event that you are involved in an accident you will need a claims adjuster to quickly resolve your claim so that you can get back on the road.  By keeping us properly informed and updated you’ll be ensuring your claim is handled quickly and with minimal delay. With current and accurate information on file you'll also receive important policy notices and invoices in a timely manner. 

For business fleets, informing us of new drivers on your policy is critical.  Failure to do so can result in a claim not being eligible for coverage in the event a loss occurs. It is equally important to have an accurate list of current fleet vehicles in operation to avoid losses where there is no insurance coverage available.  Please keep us updated and informed with accurate driver and vehicle information.

As a current customer you are entitled to receive helpful newsletters, partner offers, and event invitations.

Updating your information is easy. Please call 202-547-8700 and our representative will take your information over the phone.